In June, 2012, Sugar Calendar was first launched with the goal of providing a simple event management system for WordPress. At that time, Pippin felt all of the then-available calendar solutions for WordPress were either too minimalistic or severely over complicated and difficult to use. Sugar Calendar aimed to fix that by being an easy to use platform that provided the primary features needed without any of the complications of large systems.

For five years, Sugar Calendar fulfilled the goals it was founded on, but it was time to go further and transform the platform from a simple event management system to a full-featured,¬†powerful¬†event calendar. Of course we stayed true to our “easy to use” mantra.

Following on the heels of our other large-scale projects, Sugar Calendar was moved into a full focus project for Sandhills Development. The project is led by Pippin Williamson (original founder) and John James Jacoby.

Pippin Williamson

A nature-loving farm boy that found his way into computers, business, and the internet.

Pippin is the founder and CEO of Sandhills Development, a globally distributed company that focuses on building innovative solutions that focus on the human element.

John James Jacoby

A master of alliteration and prolific developer, John is the lead developer for numerous large-scale WordPress platforms, including bbPress and BuddyPress.

Beyond code, John is a lover of tasty drinks and cuddly puppies.