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Sugar Calendar Features

Simple, fast, lightweight on your website. Add-on to it when needed.

Simple admin interface

Sugar Calendar’s interface is beautiful and easy to use.

View event posts on a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar. Or choose the standard post list. Filter by category. Search. All on one screen.

If you have clients or site-admins doing content updates, they’ll love it.

Custom date formatting and translation-ready

No matter where in the world you are, you can tailor Sugar Calendar for your audience. There are full controls for time and date formatting. Easy to customize. For anyone and everyone.

Sugar Calendar is also fully localized and ready to translate.

Time zones

If your audience spans multiple time zones, you’re in luck! You can specify a time zone for each Event or Calendar.

Plus, you can enable Visitor Conversion which instantly updates an Event page to display in each visitors own time zone.

Perfect repeating / recurring events

If you need to create events with very specific timing, Sugar Calendar can help. Set up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly events with custom end dates.

Professional and Ultimate license-holders have access to the Advanced Recurring add-on. This is the best-in-class plugin for the most complex and irregular events you can imagine! Need to set up an event every seventh Tuesday with a few exceptions? Advanced Recurring has you covered.

Easy front-end display options

Displaying a calendar on the front-end is effortless. With Gutenberg blocks or without blocks, simply paste in the shortcode sc_events_calendar on your page or post.

From there, you can customize the shortcode with size and category parameters. There are also advanced options for adding calendars to your theme with template tags. Learn all about it here.

Event calendar widgets

Sugar Calendar has four widgets to display events however you need:

  • Display a large or small calendar, with multiple or specified event categories
  • Display a list of event categories
  • Display an event filter to sort events by upcoming, past, ascending/descending
  • Display a list of events, with multiple or specified event categories.

Sweet add-ons

You can do even more with Sugar Calendar using an ever-expanding collection of pro add-ons.

  • Sell and manage event tickets
  • Sync your calendars to Google, iCal, and other systems
  • Configure external or redirect URLs for event pages
  • Allow users to submit their own events
  • See all pro add-ons
There are also free add-ons and third-party add-ons.
Additional features and benefits
Sync with Google Calendar and more

With the Calendar Feeds addon, the calendar on your site can connect to Google Calendar, iCal, Gnome Calendar, and many other calendar applications.

Import existing events with ease

If you already have data in a CSV or XML file, our WP All Import integration makes populating Sugar Calendar hassle-free.

Actively supported

An evolving software tool is only as good as its support. Our dedicated team ensures that all customers have access to free, timely support, with no strings attached.

Actively developed

Not a day goes by that Sugar Calendar is not actively developed. Issue logging, bug fixing, and feature enhancements are a daily occurrence for the development team and supporting contributors.

Open-sourced & GPL

As a plugin built on WordPress, Sugar Calendar is licensed under GPLv3. To go a step further, Sugar Calendar is also an open source software with a dedicated community of developers and contributors.

Developer friendly

While there are a growing number of extensions available for use, being extensible means the options are limitless. Actions, filters, and smart coding make Sugar Calendar a developer-friendly platform.

Integrate with form builders

Sugar Calendar integrates with Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms so you can easily add event registration and even payments if you use one of their payment gateway add-ons.

Lightweight and performance-ready

Thoroughly tested and built with speed in mind, Sugar Calendar performs beautifully on all sites; from large to small and in-between.

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