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Brand Assets

Colors and logos and guidelines, oh my! Thank you for respecting our brand.

Sugar Calendar’s primary brand color is #FF8845. #0C4D77 and #01B5B7 are secondary colors. Copy the hex codes to match our brand colors exactly.


Our logo is always displayed horizontally, meaning the logo mark sits to the left of the logo text. There are four color variations: #FF8845, #0C4D77, #01B5B7, & #FFFFFF.

Download files (EPS, SVG, and PNG)

Download files (EPS, SVG, and PNG)

Download files (EPS, SVG, and PNG)

Download files (EPS, SVG, and PNG)

Room to breathe

Always leave at least 1 unit of space around the entire logo. A unit is defined one-third the width of the displayed logo mark.

It's Sugar Calendar

When writing, typing, or presenting our brand name, Sugar Calendar is two separate words. Capitalize the S and C. Our full logo is the one and only exception.


This is incorrect.


Familiar, but no.

sugar calendar

Almost there.

Sugar Calendar

Nailed it!

Say hello to Gia!

Gia is our mascot. She is not part of the Sugar Calendar logo. Feel free to use any of the images in combination with any of the brand colors shown, including white.

Smiling Gia

Download PNG

Walking Gia

Download PNG

Winking Gia

Download PNG

Smiling (big) Gia

Download PNG

Sitting Gia

Download PNG

Please respect Gia

Gia is a Sugar Glider, so she’s quite versatile. However, when using Gia in your artwork, please avoid reversing, obstructing, or otherwise modifying the graphic.

Download all assets

Click the button below to download all color versions of the Sugar Calendar logo in .EPS, .SVG, and .PNG. Mascot files are included as .PNG.

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