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Testimonial Form

  • If you'd like your name on the testimonial to appear in any other format that first-name last-name, please specify here.
  • Example: "I use SugarCalendar on all my client websites, it’s so good, I got a customized license plate that says ‘SugarCal’."
  • Example: “The support team is helpful, between their support team and documentation, I’ve never had trouble getting a question answered."
  • Example: "I can offer an events calendar as a huge value-add to clients, with little added work for me!”
  • Example: “I know that Pippin, John and Keri are always there to help.”
  • Example: "I love viewing my event posts via the calendar view on the back-end, instead of a list of posts."
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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