We are excited to share that we have just released an integration for Zapier that allows you to connect Sugar Calendar to more than 3,000 other apps!

Zapier is one of the most powerful tools on the web that allows you to automate almost anything. If you’re not already familiar with Zapier, check out their introduction to how the tool works. It is amazingly powerful.

We use Zapier ourselves for dozens of different types of tasks, from syncing subscriber data in Mailchimp to sending emails from Google Spreadsheets, to notifying our team in Slack of important messages or events.

Zapier triggers

Triggers are what Zapier calls events that occur in an app that then trigger other things to happen. For example, in Sugar Calendar, a trigger can be the creation of a new event, the successful purchase of an event ticket, or the successful creation of an attendee record.

Sugar Calendar’s Zapier integration supports the following triggers:

  • New Event – This occurs when a new event is created in Sugar Calendar
  • New Ticket Order – This occurs when one or more event tickets are purchased via the Event Ticketing add-on
  • New Attendee – This occurs when a new attendee record is created from an event ticket purchase

We will add more triggers in the future to further expand the capabilities of the Zapier integration.

This integration enables so many powerful options for Sugar Calendar. The possibilities of what you can do are almost endless. Here are just a few example use cases for Zapier and Sugar Calendar:

  • Subscribe new ticket customers to a mailing list in Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, and more
  • Sync events to online calendar services, such as Google Calendar
  • SMS or email notifications for new events
  • SMS or email notifications for new ticket purchases
  • Syncing customer order data to Google spreadsheets
  • Syncing attendee information to Google spreadsheets

Download today

The add-on for Zapier is available to download from the account page for all Professional and Ultimate license holders.

If you do not yet have a Professional or Ultimate license, check out our pricing page for more information. If you already own a Personal or Plus license, you can upgrade to Professional or Ultimate from your account to gain immediate access to the Zapier add-on.